Typical Sicilian confectionery products since 1999

Our creations

We produce artisanal pastry products for the large-scale retail trade and the Ho.Re.Ca. sector nationwide and abroad


Almond Pastries

Thanks to their history and the craftsmanship with which they are made, these pastas are an authentic expression of Sicilian culture and tradition



Marzipan is used to create the famous ‘Martorana fruit’, sweets that recreate fruit and vegetables with extreme precision and brilliant colours


Shortcrust pastries

These sweets and shortcrust pastries are a pleasure to enjoy at any time of day, perfect to accompany a cup of coffee or to end a meal on a sweet note



The combination of crunchy almonds and caramelised sugar makes them irresistible to anyone who loves traditional sweets with a touch of Sicilian authenticity

Our strong points

Dolciaria La Fenice is not just a confectionery company, but a place where passion for tradition meets innovation and the search for quality. For years we have been creating sweets using only fresh, first-rate ingredients from local, certified suppliers.


Certified quality

High-quality products that meet the most stringent international safety standards. We guarantee quality at every stage of the process, from the purchase of raw materials to the inspection of the finished product


Efficient logistics

An effective distribution network and our strong ties with major Italian and European distribution chains allow us to deliver products within a few days



We always guarantee on-time delivery of our products nationwide and in Europe. We use reliable, well-established carriers to guarantee maximum product freshness



Our history began before almond paste was available in supermarkets. Thanks to exhibitions and loyal customers, La Fenice products are now widely consumed


Exclusive recipe

From our gastronomic heritage to new proposals, we have been creating classic recipes for 25 years, interpreted in a modern key to meet the demands of our customers


High-quality raw material

Almonds from Sicily, citrus fruits from Capo D' Orlando are only few ingredient we use for our sweet preparations. Using them, we create a product that is as simple as it is unique


Constant search

We constantly renew our production, ingredients and formats are always up-to-date in terms of taste perception and aesthetic appeal


Caring for nature

Sustainability-oriented, we are committed to minimising our impact on nature and preserving natural resources for future generations


Our story and mission

Artisan Confectionery since 1999

Dolciaria La Fenice has been producing typical Sicilian confectionery products on an artisanal level since 1999. The entrepreneurial initiative stems from the stubbornness of Ms Testagrossa, who, in nearby Mistretta, has set herself the goal of making typical Sicilian confectionery delicacies known outside the Sicilian borders.

The sweets on offer have as their common element the prized Sicilian almonds, and find their greatest expression in the production of ‘Almond Pastes’ and ‘Marzipan Fruit’. In the following years, the range of products was enriched with the production of handmade short pastries, crispbreads and a line of savoury snacks for aperitifs. The success stems above all from the careful choice of raw materials used and the high quality of the logistics, which allows any destination to be reached within a few days.

La Fenice in Sicily
"Sale in Terra": a project with the local operators

Our social commitment: enhancing local products and culture


The “Sale In Terra” project encompasses one of the first steps in the development of the La Fenice confectionery company in the international market, bringing with it the experience gained over the years in the local and national spheres and the naturalness of the products of its land, the story of which is told.

A new interpretation of the link between company and territory that does not make the concept of 0 km prevail but a new series of relationships between local entrepreneurial realities.

The final product is thus the fruit of the encounter between the ingredients of our area and our interpretation of the recipes of our gastronomic culture, reinterpreted in a modern key. The result is new but reminiscent of the past, aromatic and delicate at the same time.

The Messina coast is home to great citrus fruit production. And it is here, in our surroundings, that we source the citrus peels and essential oils that we use in the Aromatiche. Less than 50 km separate the land from which the ingredients are harvested and the place where they will become Orlandine Aromatiche.


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