Our story and mission

Confectionery artisans in Sicily since 1999

The craft enterprise has set itself the ambitious goal of spreading the island’s typical confectionery delights beyond the Sicilian borders.


Love and passion for Sicilian raw-material

Dolciaria La Fenice

Since 1999, La Fenice Dolciaria has been producing, on an artisanal level, typical Sicilian confectionery products for the large-scale retail trade and HO.RE.CA.

The entrepreneurial initiative stems from the stubbornness of Mrs Testagrossa, who in nearby Mistretta set herself the objective of making the typical Sicilian confectionery delicacies known outside the Sicilian borders. In 2006, Mr Sebastiano Belbruno, with his 30 years’ experience in the management of large hypermarkets, believed in the project and joined the company, immediately helping to provide the organisational and commercial tools needed to access large-scale distribution markets.

The sweets we offer are an authentic expression of Sicilian confectionery art, with a common element that makes every bite an unforgettable experience: the prized Sicilian almonds. Our passion for tradition and quality is fully reflected in the production of our delicious ‘Almond Pastries‘ and ‘Marzipan Fruit‘, delicacies that enchant the senses with their rich flavour and soft texture.

Over the years, we have expanded our product range to meet the wishes of our most demanding customers. In addition to the classic confectionery specialities, we have proudly introduced a variety of artisanal shortcakes, characterised by their irresistible fragrance and crispy texture that makes them perfect for accompanying moments of sweetness and relaxation. In addition, to satisfy the savoury palates, we have developed a line of savoury aperitifs, skilfully prepared with selected ingredients and artisanal care that is reflected in the authentic taste of each bite.


Certified quality

Constant commitment and high standards

The success of our products is the result of an unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest quality at every stage of the production process. From the careful selection of raw materials to the preparation process and distribution, we strive to maintain the highest standards.

Moreover, our efficient and reliable logistics allow us to reach any destination quickly, ensuring that our sweets arrive fresh and delicious at the table of anyone who wishes to enjoy them. With our continuous dedication to perfection and innovation, we are committed to carrying on the Sicilian confectionery tradition, offering our customers unforgettable taste experiences and moments of pure pleasure.

Confectionery artisans in Sicily

Men and women whose skills turn dough into edible works of art

At the beating heart of Dolciaria La Fenice lies a passionate and knowledgeable staff, ready to share their dedication to the culinary arts and refined taste with the world. Each team member brings with them a unique blend of talent, experience and creativity, essential to transform simple ingredients into divine delicacies.

The master pastry chefs embody the true essence of the company, with their craftsmanship turning doughs and creams into edible works of art. With years of experience behind them and an irrepressible passion for perfection, they work tirelessly to create desserts that satisfy the most refined palates and delight the senses.


Specialised in the large-scale retail and HO.RE.CA sector

Production of Sicilian artisan confectionery products in Italy and Europe

Dolciaria La Fenice specialises in the production of typical Sicilian confectionery products throughout Italy and Europe.

Thanks to our team, we guarantee the maintenance of a high level of quality at all stages of production, sale and supply of our confectionery products.

Our commitment is aimed at guaranteeing a constant supply and punctual delivery for all those operators who aspire to provide an increasingly accurate and high quality service to their customers. We care about our customers’ satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure that they have access to fresh, high-quality products at all times.

Thanks to our effective in-house organisation, we have achieved a remarkable level of development, allowing us to handle orders quickly and accurately, even in high volumes. Each stage of the service delivery process is subject to strict quality control, which closely monitors both the processing and distribution processes of the products. This ensures that they always maintain an excellent standard of appearance and taste, thus meeting the highest expectations of our customers.


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